War Zone Airsoft Walk On at Wayne's World of Paintball

  • When: Saturday, November 21, 2020,  9:30 am -  5:00 pm
  • Location: Wayne's World of Paintball: 4841 S Pine Ave, Ocala, Florida 34480
  • Cost: $20

Here are the rules that we will have to follow to maintain that we can stay open.
And everybody needs to follow these rules,or you will be send home for the day.

1. 6ft distance at all time, so make sure to park your car and tent with enough distance from you fellow player.
2. If you feeling sick or little under the weather, STAY HOME!
3. There will be NO facemask available for rent so make sure to bring you own (We will have facemask for sale)
4. Only 1 person at a time at the sale tent. So if somebody else already is getting something, stay 6 ft away!
5. Make sure that you disinfected your hands plenty of time true out the day.
6. Be respectful to other players, and respect there wishes how they wanna deal with this. if they want you to stay 8 ft away then stay 8 ft please. So no drama. and if a ref tells you something, then you need to listen, even if this ref is a younger kid that is helping us out, or mom from one of the players that wanna ref. If you can't deal with that,please stay home!!
7. Last but not least, Make sure you all come out and have fun with us!



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